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Upcoming Kickstarter for Back to Zero

The cold weather has transitioned back to heat here in Mobile, Alabama, and my fingers have finally thawed enough to write this message. Pollen now covers every available outdoor surface, and soon the humidity will be back to a comfortable 150%.

Now that things are feeling more normal here (we really don't take winter too well in the South), I’m excited to share information about a fun project I’m putting together leading up to the wide release of my upcoming novel, Back to Zero.

On April 6th, I’m launching a Kickstarter to fund a very limited print run of a special hardcover edition of Back to Zero! This will be a one-time opportunity for backers to receive a copy of the first and only hardcover version. Each copy will be signed, numbered, and personalized for backers.

Check out the project page and sign up to be notified on launch:

If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a platform that enables creators to pitch projects for public backing. Backers receive rewards for pledging various amounts to bring projects to life. Rewards for the Back to Zero Kickstarter include the aforementioned signed special edition hardcover, signed paperbacks, a Kickstarter-only ebook edition, and more—not to mention the stretch goals I have planned!

So, why am I launching a Kickstarter project when the book is being published soon? While my publishing house is releasing the ebook worldwide at the end of April and as a paperback later in May, the Kickstarter is something extra that I thought would be challenging and fun to put together—a neat way to get a special hardcover edition out into the world. Also, Kickstarter is a great platform for fostering community through the arts, which is inspiring to say the least.

I hope you’ll join me on Kickstarter and consider backing the hardcover release of Back to Zero! I’ll close out this post with a picture of my writing partners, Molly and Foggy. They were supposed to proofread this message, but it's always tough to work around their schedule.

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